Making Your Own iPad Accessories

You don’t always have to spend a lot of cash for iPad apps and accessories. While it is already common knowledge among tablet users that hundreds of apps can be downloaded for free or very cheaply, most iPad accessories, especially those under the license of Apple itself, are quite pricey. But then, did you know that you can make an iPad accessory such as the stylus for only a few cents?


Making accessories yourself can help you save a lot of cash for iPad upgrades. With everything getting very expensive these days, doing things yourself to save money benefits you in the end. Here are the steps to follow if you want to try your hand at making your own stylus.


First, you will need to collect following materials: a wedge of the yellow part of a Scotch Brite dishwashing sponge, the plastic casing of a ballpoint pen (the ink is taken out), and around six inches of wire.


You will need to drill a hole around two inches from the tip of the pen using a small drill bit. If you don’t have a drill, you can put one tip of the wire over a flame and when it is very hot, press that tip on the pen where you want the hole to be. The wire will poke a hole through the pen so it can go through it.


Wrap one end of the wire around half of the sponge. Then, thread this into the pen, with the other end of the wire going into the hole and out of the pen. The sponge should fit snugly in the writing tip of the pen. Wrap the part of the wire that went out of the pen several times around the body of the pen.


Finally, trim the sponge so that the tip is approximately the size of the tip of a stylus. Now, your homemade and cheap stylus is ready to use. Take note though that your thumb or fingers should be grasping or touching the exposed part of the wire for the stylus to work. This cheap stylus can be used not just on the iPad but on other touch screen tablets too.


Another iPad accessory you can make by yourself and should not cost you a lot would be an iPad stand. There are times when you just want to put your iPad down because your hands are too tired from holding it. But then, you want it to stay at an angle so you can still read what is on the screen.


All you need is a metal bookend and six half circle rubber feet. Two of the rubber feet should be placed on the upper ends of the bookend, so that the iPad won’t get scratched when it is placed on it. A pair should be placed ¾ inches away from the back on the bottom top of the bookend, and the last pair an inch and a half from the back. The first pair will give you a near level view of your iPad and the second pair will give you a more angled view.


With this knowledge, you will never have to pay so much cash for iPad styluses and stands!



Should You Subscribe to Cloud Drives?

Some tablet users want to sell used iPad because they find that the 30 GB storage is not enough. There is always the option to upgrade to the device to 64 GB capacity, but that would set you back a few hundred dollars!

A cheap solution for data storage dilemmas and for those who just want to be secure with the thought that they have lots of space for file keeping or back-up is now offered to users in the form of cloud storage. There are a lot of choices nowadays for cloud storage for audio, video, text, and other types of files. Just like any other service, there are pros and cons that come with cloud storage.

As mentioned earlier, the first thing that would entice users is its cost. Basic cloud storage often comes for free such as the basic version of Dropbox (2GB of free storage) and Gmail (7GB of free storage). Upgrades to higher amount of data are not expensive either. There are actually some services that give away upgrades like increased free storage if an account holder refers the service to other people who have not signed up for the service yet.











Another benefit of cloud storage is that you don’t have to carry your data storage or external hard drives out of the house if you need to have access to it anywhere. You just have to get access to the internet wherever you are going, sign in to your account, and access your data easily.  You won’t have an excuse to sell your iPad anymore because you won’t have to save all your files on the unit itself so the limited storage capacity is no longer an issue.

You don’t need to be afraid of your data being corrupted if your hard drive is damaged, or your data being compromised if your external drive is stolen since the companies that provide
cloud storage have a lot of safeguards against loss or breach of data. But then, this may still be an issue among cloud storage users.  In a world where we hear news of even the most secure websites being robbed of customers’ personal information, these cloud storage servers can still be subject to hacking.

Moreover, there are disadvantages of using cloud drives exclusively. Access to your data is not possible if there is no internet connection. In this case, you may need to have the iPad with 4G in case you are stuck somewhere without Wi-Fi connection.  Also, a fast connection is required in order to download and upload files without glitches.  You might end up frustrated when you do have access to your files but it takes forever to download even just one of them.

Since your data is handled by a third party, you may have no control over how they handle your files. Be sure to read their terms and conditions and most importantly their privacy policies thoroughly. If you don’t want to sell used iPad and use cloud drives to store all your data, these are the pros and cons that you have to think about.

Do More Productive Things With the iPad

Now that you have your new iPad, you want to put it to good use.  Some people find it useful when they have installed lots of games and other entertainment apps on it as their main purpose for having an iPad is to entertain themselves.  Some people, on the other hand, look at the iPad as a productivity tool to help them with their daily tasks.  There are a lot of productivity apps found in the Apple App store that you can choose from.

Retina Display

The best feature of the new iPad that you would have to take advantage of is the Retina Display.  Good thing there are new apps that are optimized to have the best display and those that have been released are already being updated as we speak.  One great thing about the Apps Store is that you can download the free versions of apps if you are not yet sure if purchasing the full app is worth it. Although a lot of the apps are inexpensive with prices starting at $0.99, be prepared to shell out even more especially for those apps that are very specific with what they do.  There are also full versions of apps that are free so you would want to take a look at those first before venturing into the paid apps. You can then decide whether to sell your iPad to get the new iPad, as apps go better with the improved tablet, obviously.


Productivity apps 



ctivity app

Productivity apps usually involve editing office documents, time management, and notes taking.   You can use these apps to help you out with your work whether inside the office or outside.  One of the best productivity apps that you can get your hands on is the Dropbox.  It is a free app that utilizes online storage for your important files.  There’s now no need for you to worry about not being able to get a hold of an important client document if you left it in your office computer.  You can just save it in your account and download it anywhere you are directly on your iPad.  Don’t worry. If you sell your iPad and have to clean its memory, the files are saved in the Cloud and not in your unit.


Blogger’s Apps


Blogging from a Macbook Pro





Bloggers will surely love the $4.99 app called Blogsy.  This multi-platform editor will help you record your thoughts, share pictures and videos and edit blog posts in one place.  This app is will enable you to continue on blogging wherever you are. To remind you of the things you have to do, the 2Do app is a steal at only $0.99.  This will help you organize your life as it can remind you about the things that you have to do each day.

These are just two of the productivity apps that you would want for your iPad.  These apps will definitely make your professional life a little bit easier to bear.  If you are looking for a new one, look for those who sell iPad 2 for advice and recommendations.



Learning More About the Microsoft “Tablet”

Tablet PCs have been around for quite some time now.  For now, the iPad is leading in the game of these mobile gadgets with Samsung following close behind.  There is yet a tablet to be introduced that will truly shake up and threaten iPad’s hold on the market.  This is the reason why stores selling iPad are making a lot of money, as people are willing to shell out their hard-earned money just to get a hold of this thing of beauty.

However, things may change as Microsoft unveiled its newest product, which is said to be iPad’s major rival.  This may just be the one to topple the iPad’s hold in the market.  Speculations have been flying around yet no one really knows anything about it.  This was until Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, finally announced the news to the members of the press on June 18, 2011 in Los Angeles.   Microsoft’s tablet PC was called the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft’s foray into the tablet PC market came in a bit later than its rivals.  It took them quite a while to release their own version of the tablet PC.  Now that they finally did, it is said to be the rival to Apple’s iPad, which is the most popular tablet PC on the market.  The question now is whether it will convince people to sell old iPad in exchange for this new tablet?

According to Steven Sinofsky, it will definitely rival the iPad and the other tablet PCs on the market.  For starters, the basic version of the Surface tablet is only 9mm thick, weighs about 1.5 pounds and will run on Windows 8, which is designed for tablet PCs called Windows RT running on ARM chipset.  It has a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display.  It will be available in two models: 32 GB and 64GB internal storage.

The more advanced version is called the Surface Pro.  It is thicker at 13.5mm and a bit heavier at 1.9 pounds.  However, the pro version will use Intel’s more powerful 22nm Ivy Bridge processors and run Windows 8.  It also has a higher option for internal storage at 64GB and 128GB.    This higher version will also have a 10.6-inch ClearType “Full HD” display.

However, the basic version will be released by the time Windows 8 is released and the Pro version 90 days after that.  There is no definite time yet on when will that happen and they also have not announced the initial price offering for the said gadget.

From the looks of it, the Surface will definitely be a challenger to iPad’s hold on the market.  However, Microsoft has to strike while the iron is hot or else, people’s curiosity about it might start to fizzle out.  When that happens, it might have a hard time marketing it to businesses and individuals who are selling iPad to prioritize selling their product.  Maintaining product interest will surely play a huge role in the success of the Surface in today’s tablet wars.

How to Sell Old iPad Safely

No one is free from crimes these days, not even when you’re sitting behind a desk in the middle of the night. With the crime rates going up all the time it even looks like these days, the safest place to be in is in your dreams. And if you think you’re saving yourself from danger by logging onto the Internet and shopping on eBay or other online sites, then you’re wrong. Because without you even knowing it, people can rob you even when they don’t see you. Even selling an iPad isn’t as safe as you think it is.

Have you ever heard of the word ‘shoulder surfing’? Let me explain it to you graphically. Imagine you’re sitting outside your favorite café waiting for your cup of tea. You pull out your iPad from your tote bag and an iPhone from your pocket which you used to call someone who has been telling you to sell old iPad now to get a new one because it’s slow and outdated. You began using your iPad to log into your Facebook account when you feel someone sit behind you, on the table next to yours. You type in your email and your password. You may even try to log into your online banking account to check if your deposit made it through your account balance. As you enter your credentials you feel the person sitting behind you stand up and since you have your back to him (or her) you wouldn’t have any idea if this person is jotting down your password, your email address and your bank account numbers.

Shoulder surfing is a term used in online forums that discusses cyberfraud. This is the common modus operandi of cyber thieves or identity thieves who aim to know your private and very sensitive information by peeking over your shoulder as you’re typing. They can even be from afar, in another building or from the window across your office window. Shoulder surfers can use binoculars or telescopes or long lensed cameras to capture your PIN number, the phone number you just dialed, your email address, your name and other information that could be used against you. There are tons of other cyberfraud or cybercrimes that can be done to take your identity; this could even happen to you as you sell your iPad online. How? By simply hacking all your data once the second hand iPad is obtained.

Now think about this, have you ever thought of deleting all your information when you sell things, especially gadgets, online? Have you ever thought that a good IT graduate can simply install a software on your iPad to see all your documents, emails, contacts, and photos even if you press the Delete button? It is possible, and it can happen to you. That’s why when selling old iPad, the first and the most important thing to do is to choose the most reliable and the most trustworthy companies to sell your iPad to. How? Remember to look into their processes and promises. Companies like Cashforipads have privacy policies that include sweeping out all your information without using it against you. Sell your iPad to trustworthy companies and be safe.

Funny New iPad Cases

When you sell your iPad and get the new one, you’ll be greeted with plenty of cases that look silly. As if the iPad and iPad 2 haven’t been enough, the new iPad is greeted with odd looking cases that are sure to captivate its owners.
If you’re looking for fun ways to stylize your iPad without looking silly, then these cool looking cases could be for you.
Take a look at these cases and see what grabs your attention.

TARDIS iPad Sleeve

Dr. Who is one of the longest running shows on television. It’s been showing for decades now!
If you’re a fan of the series, you know that one of the most iconic images is the TARDIS which the Doctor uses. It’s so prevalent that even amateur programmers create the TARDIS and put them into video games just for fun.
To show off your geeky side, just purchase the TARDIS sleeve. If you’re looking for another Dr. Who follower, then this is the quickest way to strike up a conversation.
It’s pretty useful for a sleeve. It protects all corners of the iPad. It’s also the TARDIS! Do you really need a cooler reason than that?

iPhone Cheese Case

Swiss cheese can be seen from movies to cartoons and basically everywhere. It’s an iconic food staple that everyone loves.
With the iPad Cheese Case your iPad will look like a block of really yummy cheese!
Of course, the case has the signature holes, but don’t worry since they’re not that big. Dust and other dirt can come through, but it’ll protect your tablet against scratches just fine.

Gameboy iPad Sleeve

Aside from the TARDIS and Swiss cheese, another iconic item is repackaged into an iPad case – the Gameboy!
This handheld device can be found in the hands of kids all over the world. From the original Gameboy to the DS, Nintendo surely knows how to make a portable gaming device.
Now, it comes to your iPad in the form of a case. You can slip in your iPad and feel good knowing that it’s well protected and looks really cool in an old school kind of way.
In the front, you’ll find the iconic Gameboy look, down to the speaker grilles in the corner.

iPad Bacon Case

Another iPad sleeve related to food? This time, you’ll surely find it mouthwatering.
The world today revolves around bacon. Well okay, it doens’t but mention the word bacon, and you’ll find somebody going crazy for it. That stuff just rocks!
Wouldn’t it be nice to hold something like bacon in your arms the whole day?
With the Bacon Case, you can! When you slip in your iPad into the Bacon Case, it looks like one huge chunk of bacon waiting to be cooked. Of course, we wouldn’t want that to happen.
We guess this makes a good purse to go with Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress. What do you think?

You can sell your iPad immediately and get these funky – looking cases for the new iPad! It’s simply more fun to have these in your possession.

More Images:




















Be the Best Owner of an iPad

Know the Techniques Here!

If you think you have been hooked by the iPad mania, and saw yourself marching into the nearest store to buy the New Tablet, I can say that the money you worked hard for has been used to give in to your frivolous tendencies. Nonetheless, you can still use the New iPad at work or at school.

But for whatever purpose it may serve, you probably want to know what the best practices are in maintaining the classy appearance and the functionality of the newest Apple tablet.  Otherwise, circumstances may compel you to trade in iPad for a little amount of money.


First, the screen is a hyper-sensitive glass panel. It has an oleophobic coating that practically makes it fingerprint-proof. It is oil resistant. To get most out of its feature, learn some way to protect the screen of your iPad.

  • Do not just leave it in plain sight. Believe me, you will lose it.
  • Do not put it in wet areas or places where liquids are likely to spill on it.
  • Wipe off the dust or dirt on the screen using a soft, slightly damp cloth. No cloth with rough surfaces. Clean the glass panel after every use to avoid the lingering smudges that can wear the coating.
  • It’s not a window, so don’t clean the screen using window cleaners, aerosol sprays, and even alcohol.
  • The best advice is to buy a screen protector and tablet casing. These protective coverings can be good contributors to the maintenance of the iPad’s physical appearance.


The battery is part and parcel of your iPad’s well-being. If it’s taken care of, chances are your tablet will run smoothly for a very long time. The battery inside the gadget is a rechargeable lithium polymer and it gradually wears out because of constant use. Though this may take a long time to happen, it is still best to exhaust its capabilities with proper care and consideration. Or you may want to sell electronics for cash before reaching the iPad’s end-user life. Just a suggestion.

  • The first tip is to avail of the latest iPad updates. It may seem a little bit off-tangent but the software will allow some adjustments to the software for it to reduce the amount of drainage due to excessive use.
  • Go through one charge cycle a month. This means, you need to charge the device to 100% and then completely run it out.


The environment can also contribute to the well-being of your iPad:

  • Keep the iPad away from hot places above 95 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.
  • Keep the iPad away from extremely cold places below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.
  • If the iPad accidentally got soaked in water or spilled on by any liquid, do not dry it with an external heat source, say a hair dryer. It will not work, I promise.

But if all else fails and you see your iPad damaged beyond salvation, you can sell ipad 16gb or sell ipad 32gb to online refurbishment companies.